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LGBTQ-focused streaming service EORTV launches website

The service has appointed Deepak Pandey and Dr Kaushik Izardar as its executive directors.

Our Correspondent

The streaming service EORTV, aimed at the LGBTQ audience, has launched its website,, to be more inclusive. The service has appointed Deepak Pandey and Dr Kaushik Izardar as its executive directors.

Besides inclusivity, the platform seeks to "create acceptance for all communities in society by eliminating any kinds of biases based on gender stereotypes and sexual orientation", according to a press release. The E in EORTV determines the significance of 'equality' while the colour green for the letter 'E' stands for gender equality.

EORTV, headquartered in Mumbai, contains hours of premium, exclusive and original content, in local and international entertainment, including award-winning and blockbuster films, TV shows, web-series, music videos and more in Hindi and English. Audiences can view the OTT platform via their smart TV, mobile or other streaming device integrations. The EORTV app has nearly 200 TV channels with programmes that users can watch at their convenience, in any part of the world.

Dr Izardar will oversee the overall corporate responsibilities of EORTV while Pandey will be responsible for the company's overall creative dimension.

Izardar, who has previously worked with Viacom18 Media, ZEEL, INX Media, and Fulford India Limited, said in a statement, "We are excited to announce the launch of EORTV’s website and EORTV app will soon follow to keep expanding our opportunity to touch a broader audience with new offerings. This summer, and especially in this period of quarantine, we are planning a distinctly curated selection of entertainment that represents all gender identities, sexual orientations, religions, cultures, ages, languages and walks of life."

Industry veteran Pandey, who has worked as a cinematographer and director, added, "I’m excited about EORTV as it means more diversity and a uniquely curated selection of global entertainment for our audiences. We strive to bring viewers progressive, inspiring and groundbreaking content in the fields of technology, digital media and queer advocacy to start with."