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Marathi film artistes to guide newcomers in webinar, Next Step

Organized by Jayant Pawar and Swaroop Recreation and Media, the webinar will run from 31 May to 6 June.

Prasad Oak, Uday Sabnis, and Mandar Devasthali

Our Correspondent

The film industry is a fickle business and a lot depends on the first impression. Many struggling artistes from various parts of Maharashtra come to Mumbai with the dream of being a part of the film industry, and to help those struggling artistes, Jayant Pawar and Swaroop Recreations And Media have organized a special webinar titled Next Step.

Talking about the objective of their initiative, the organizers said in their official statement, "Making your portfolio, banging the doors of production houses to get noticed, giving auditions, and even if you get selected the atmosphere on the shooting set can be overwhelming for a newcomer and may cause panic, even in a talented artiste. Working in a daily soap is even tougher and many actors fail to cope up with the pace of shooting in a daily soap. So it's imperative that these artistes have proper guidance about how to deal with these pressures and that's why we have organized this webinar."

Prasad Oak, who has been part of the Marathi film industry for almost two decades as an actor and recently turned director with two critically acclaimed films, Kachcha Limbu (2017) and Hirkani (2019), will share his experience and give proper guidance to the newcomers and struggling artists through this webinar. Besides Oak, dubbing artiste and actor Uday Sabnis, casting director Rohan Mapuskar, cameraman Vasudeo Rane, producer-director Mandar Devasthali, and director Girish Mohite, all artistes who have immense experience in their respective fields, will also help the newcomers through this online platform.

The webinar will be held over seven days from 31 May to 6 June.