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‘Bhai Bhai’ song: Salman Khan preaches lesson on secularism from farmhouse

Composed by Sajid-Wajid, the track has little to recommend it.

Keyur Seta

If the lockdown in India continues further, the news about Salman Khan coming up with a new song will become a matter of routine. The actor, who has been stuck at his Karjat farm house with family and friends since the lockdown started, has been shooting videos and songs and releasing them online. His latest is a track called, ‘Bhai Bhai’. 

The title might give one the idea that the song is about Khan since his fans address him as ‘Bhai.’ But no, it’s a song that promotes unity between Hindus and Muslims. There is no doubt that promoting secular ideals is the need of the hour in India. But the problem is that it’s difficult to take the song and its message seriously. 

‘Bhai Bhai’ sees Khan roaming around his vast farmhouse, or sitting on a chair singing and keeping the beat. So one wonders what role did choreographer Saajan Singh play here. Interestingly, Singh is also the director of photography. 

Sajid-Wajid’s music is stagnant. In fact, the music sounds like the one heard during Ganesh Visarjan [immersion]. There’s not much wrong with Khan’s voice, but the lyrics are too preachy. The line, ‘Ramzan Mein Hai Ram, Diwali Mein Hai Ali,’ has been making the rounds even before the advent of social media in India.

Watch the song:

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