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Shutdown Stories: Smita Tambe is using the break to return to her hobbies and watch the sunrise

The actress keeps up a rigorous daily schedule because she is "not someone who likes to just sit and do nothing".

Photo: Courtesy Smita Tambe on Instagram

Suyog Zore

More than two months have gone by since the countrywide lockdown was announced on 24 March to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus. Actress Smita Tambe, who was much appreciated for her work in Panga (2020), has been using this period to do something productive.

"I do things that me happy," Tambe told Cinestaan.com. "Like now I'm quilting and before that I was sewing curtains. I'm not someone who likes to just sit and do nothing, so I do stuff such as making lamps and cleaning to keep me occupied."

Tambe also has five cats and spends a lot of her time playing with them.

Gardening and reading are also among Tambe's hobbies, but earlier she found it difficult to make the time for them on account of her busy schedule. The lockdown has given her a much-needed break and she has started investing time once again in her hobbies.

"I love gardening and reading books," Tambe said. "I'm currently reading Isadora. This is the second time I'm reading it actually. It's one of my favourites."

As there is no strict routine to follow, many people are just slouching in the comfort of their homes, but not Tambe. She has set a routine for herself that she follows everyday. "I wake up at 3:30 in the morning. After freshening up, I meditate for about an hour. Then I do my usual exercises for another hour or so and drink coffee.

"Usually, I am done with my exercise by 6:30. Then I specifically take time out to peacefully watch a sunrise. Such a beautiful sight it is!

"Even though I get up early, because of my hectic schedule, I never got to listen to the birds chirping. Now that I'm home every day, I also get to hear the chirping of birds."

After finishing her morning fitness routine, Tambe finishes all her chores like cleaning and cooking, usually by 9:30 am. "Once I'm done with the chores, I give time to myself," the actress said. "Usually, I like to watch a film in the afternoon. In the evening I go for a walk and then for the evening snack I have soup or salad. I usually dine by 7 or 7:30 pm and go to sleep by 9 pm. This is my timetable for the day."

Tambe, who began her career playing small roles in Marathi films, rose to fame with her recent work in web-series like Sacred Games and the Kangana Ranaut-starrer Panga (2020), where she played the captain of the Indian national kabaddi team who gives Ranaut's Jaya Nigam a hard time.

After Sacred Games, Tambe has signed up for another web-series during the lockdown. "First time in my life I did a digital signature because of this lockdown," she said. "We also did workshops on Zoom for the new web-series."

Being fit is one of the key aspects of being relevant in the film industry. But owing to the lockdown, all gyms are closed indefinitely. So, Tambe has resorted to performing a basic exercise routine at home. "I'm focusing on stretching," she explained. "I absolutely love running, but last December I injured my leg and it still hurts sometimes. So, unfortunately, I can't do running now."

Asked about her limited presence on social media, Tambe said, "I'm not someone who likes to upload photos a lot. After many years we are spending so much time at home and I am enjoying each and every moment of this lockdown, so it doesn't even cross my mind that I should click and upload a few photos to be in the news. I get engrossed in whatever I do. Like if I'm cooking my entire focus is on cooking, so I don't even realize that I should now click a picture of my dish and share it on social media!"

Tambe believes the lockdown has come as a blessing in disguise for nature. "I live near a beach so there is always moisture in the atmosphere, but now after this lockdown, I can clearly see the buildings far away which I couldn't earlier because of pollution. We are in May and still it's not that hot as it used to be in previous years."

But the actress also believes we should not take these gains for granted and must strive to keep nature clean by using green fuels and travelling by public transport as much as possible. "It's like nature is teaching us how it can blossom if we just give it a rest for two months. Nature is precious and we should take care of it," she said.

Asked what she would like to do once the lockdown is lifted, Tambe replied, "The first thing I would like to do after the lockdown is lifted is to go for a walk on Madh Island road."

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