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Kachche Din trailer: Chronicles of a Mumbai taxi driver's life and passengers

The film, directed by Shailendra Singh, tells the story through the eyes of Deepak Dobriyal's character.  

Shriram Iyengar

A pimp. A politician. A father. A corrupt havaldar. Deepak Dobriyal's taxi driver meets a thousand faces as he drives through the city of Mumbai everyday. Directed by Shailendra Singh, the trailer of Kachche Din captures the strange and quixotic adventures that the driver goes through on his daily routine. 

The minute-long trailer is a mix of captivating images interspersed with bits and pieces of conversation. From the constable who threatens him to pay up, to an incidental discovery of the posh young man being a pimp, the taxi driver is both intrigued and confused by the many personalities that reside in the city. Singh tells the story through the eyes of Dobriyal's character. 

The film also features Yashpal Sharma, Teena Singh, and Ashrut Jain in key roles. 

Kachche Din will premiere directly on Shailendra Singh Films' YouTube channel on 22 May.  

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