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Bhalla Calling Bhalla trailer: A comedy of errors breaks out in this lockdown special show

The Zee5 original series is set to stream on the OTT platform from 20 May. 

Shriram Iyengar

The effect of the lockdown on cinema, while a little debilitating, has also given rise to some creative moves. Zee5's latest series, Bhalla Calling Bhalla, which will stream on the OTT platform from 20 May onwards, is a product of a similarly trapped mind. Exploring the effect on a family, separated from each other, and coping with the lockdown, the series seeks to capture the humour, troubles and quirks of the experience. The show features Lubna Salim, Rajesh Kumar and Gaurav Gera among others. 

The trailer begins with a description of the main characters, Gogi Bhalla, Lovely Bhalla, Sahil, and Arundhati, who share nothing in common, except for one thing - their dependence on the leading lady of the house, Lovely Bhalla (Salim). When the lockdown takes place, they are trapped individually, far away from each other, and thus, forced to cope with the world on their own. It has made the family realize the need to be with each other and that they need Lovely to tide them through this crisis.

Bhalla calling Bhalla is a show that has been completely conceptualized, written, shot, edited, and presented to the audience during a lockdown. There was no set, and none of the actors met each other during the shoot. The 12-episode show, a lockdown special series, was shot from the safety of the artistes' homes, with each episode having a duration of seven to eight minutes.  

Besides Salim as Lovely Bhalla, the show features Kumar as Gogi Bhalla, Gera as Gaurav Singh (Lovely's brother), Leenesh Matoo as Sahil Bhalla (son) and Gracy Goswami as Lisa, aka Arundhati Bhalla (daughter).

Watch the trailer below. 

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