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Nirmal Anand Ki Puppy trailer: How a kiss comes in between a married couple

This is Sandeep Mohan's fourth film after Love, Wrinkle-free (2011), Hola Venky (2014) and Shreelancer (2017).

Keyur Seta

A title like Nirmal Anand Ki Puppy makes you wonder about the film. But the trailer of the Sandeep Mohan-directed film makes it clear that it is a simple, light-hearted saga about a couple living in Mumbai. 

This is the story of Nirmal Anand (Karanveer Khullar), who stays with his wife Sara (Gillion Pinto) and their baby in Mumbai. He is unhappy with his mundane routine life. where he has to work tirelessly the entire week. His married life is also not pleasant. 

Amidst such situation, an independent filmmaker (Salmin Sheriff) offers him a chance to star in his film. Nirmal reluctantly agrees but a scene in the film involving a kiss [puppy] creates more problems in his life. 

Nirmal Anand Ki Puppy is a light-hearted, slice-of-life saga, though the subject is serious. The trailer also gives us glimpses of the humorous moments that are subtle. Like his previous films, Love, Wrinkle-Free (2011), Hola Venky (2014) and Shreelancer (2017), Mohan has once again portrayed the simple life of ordinary individuals we see around us.  

Khullar, Pinto and Sheriff are perfectly cast in their respective characters. The trailer also features Khushboo Upadhyay [of Jaaun Kahan Bata Ae Dil fame] as Khullar’s co-star. 

Nirmal Anand Ki Puppy will be releasing in cinema halls. 

Watch the trailer and let us know if you would be watching the film:

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