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Shoojit Sarkar, Vinay Pathak join hands with Satyanshu Singh to generate funds for COVID-19 relief

Singh started free online scripwriting classes in April. Instead of charging a fee, he asks his students to donate a minimum of Rs1,000 before enrolment. He has generated Rs15 lakh so far. 

Our Correspondent

We were the first ones to report about National Award-winning filmmaker and screenwriter Satyanshu Singh’s efforts to generate funds for the fight against COVID-19 through free scripwriting classes online. Instead of taking a fee, he asks his students to make a donation of minimum Rs1,000, after which he enrols them in his classes. 

Singh’s efforts have now reached far and wide due to which some prominent names from the film industry have joined his cause. These include actor Vinay Pathak, screenwriter Anjum Rajabali, filmmaker Shoojit Sircar, cinematographer Siddharth Dewan and screenwriter Sudip Sharma. 

Since 1 April, when the classes started, around Rs15 lakh has been generated for the cause after more than 700 people enrolled for the classes from the small and big cities of India as well as countries like Canada, USA, England, Ireland, UAE, Germany, Singapore and Australia. 

Speaking about the response, Singh said in an official statement, “The overwhelming response these lectures have received has enabled me to contribute way more than I ever could as an individual. Seeing hundreds of people stretch their limits of compassion further strengthens my belief in the inherent goodness in all human hearts.” 

Praising Singh’s efforts, Rajabali said, “We should all be using whatever we have - skill, labour, talent, knowledge, whatever - to generate material support for those in need. I admire Satyanshu’s worthy initiative and [I] am very happy to be part of it.” 

Sharing why he instantly joined the cause, Pathak said, “Everything Satyanshu does is nothing short of brilliance. At least that’s what I’ve come to learn ever since I’ve known him, and that’s why I readily agreed to his lectures the second he mentioned them to me. Imagine an initiative that brings together some of the most potent and creative minds together on one platform to explore cinema and its many facets.” 

Pathak added, “And the best of it all is that it contributes towards the present noble cause, in which there are so many who’re not as privileged as we all are. Cinema makes you think, ponder, change and be creative and so does Satyanshu! More power to him!” 

Singh directed Chintu Ka Birthday (2019) with his brother Devanshu Singh. It starred Pathak in the lead role. 

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