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Prarthana Behere and Bhushan Pradhan's Ajinkya set for release on 20 March

Though both artistes have featured in a film together before, this is the first time they have been cast opposite each other.

Our Correspondent

Written and directed by A Kadir, Ajinkya is the story of an ambitious entrepreneur who will do anything to achieve what he wants. The film stars Bhushan Pradhan in the title role and Prarthana Behere as his love interest. It also has a strong supporting cast of Uday Tikekar, Pallavi Patil, Arun Nalawade and Ganesh Yadav.

This is Kadir's first film as director. He has also written the film's screenplay. Behere and Pradhan have worked together in Coffee Ani Barach Kahi (2015), but in that film they were not cast opposite each other. Ajinkya is the first time they have been cast as the leading pair in a film.

Interestingly, there was another Marathi film titled Ajinkya not so long ago, in 2013. That film starred Kadambari Kadam and Sandeep Kulkarni.

Except for the title, there are no similarities between the two films. Ajinkya (2013) was about a basketball coach and how his professional life creates hindrances in his personal life. Ajinkya (2020) is the story of an entrepreneur.

Ajinkya is slated for release on 20 March.