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Mee Vasantrao teaser: Promises to be a hard-hitting musical biopic

Directed by Nipun Dharmadhikari, the film will see Rahul Deshpande essay the role of his grandfather.

Keyur Seta

After Ani... Dr Kashinath Ghanekar (2018), Thackeray (2019) and Bhaai: Vyakti Kee Valli Purvardha (2019), Viacom 18 Studios is all set to continue its trend of coming up with hard-hitting biopics in Marathi. This time, the life of the musical legend Vasantrao Deshpande will be explored in the film Mee Vasantrao (2020). 

Interestingly, his grandson, classical singer Rahul Deshpande will be playing him on screen, which is a rare case. It reminds us of the talks about Ranbir Kapoor playing his grandfather, Indian cinema icon Raj Kapoor, in his biopic, but that never happened. 

The teaser of Mee Vasantrao makes it clear that the film will tackle every personality of Deshpande, including his high temper and some arrogance. Just like the previous aforementioned biopics by the producers, it seems this too will not be just a whitewashing product, for which mainstream Hindi cinema is infamous. 

In the nearly one-minute teaser, the makers have also given enough indication of the film being impressive on the musical side, especially during the song ‘Ghei Chhand Makarand'. The rich visuals and production design are the icing on the cake. 

Born on 2 May 1920, Deshpande was born in the Akola district of the Vidarbha region in Maharashtra. He refused to limit himself to a single school of music and believed to learn from various gurus. This aspect is also seen in the teaser. 

Deshpande is also known for performing the role of Khan saheb in the legendary musical play Katyar Kaljat Ghusli. Interestingly, he played the role of Lord Krishna in Bhalji Pendharkar’s Kalia Mardan (1935). 

This is the first time that director Nipun Dharmadhikari is helming a film of this scale. So far he has made films like Baapjanma (2017) and Dhappa (2018)

Mee Vasantrao will be released on 1 May on Maharashtra Day, a day before the 100th birth anniversary of Vasantrao Deshpande. Watch the teaser and let us know if you would be watching the film:

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