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AB Aani CD trailer: Vikram Gokhale can’t remember if Amitabh Bachchan was his classmate

Members of Gokhale's family change their attitude towards him after the letter from his old school friend arrives.    

Keyur Seta

A retired widower gives his all to take care of his family, only to find himself the object of their censure and disrespect now that they have grow up. But it all changes one day when a famous personality, who happens to be the old man’s school friend, decides to visit him. This changes the family’s attitude towards the old man, from disrespect to respect and affection. .  

This is the story of Milind Lele’s AB Aani CD. But it is also the story of the Bengali film Borunbabur Bondhu (2020), which released last Friday. Interestingly, the Bengali film is based on a story by the late Ramapada Choudhury. We will soon get to know if AB Aani CD is strikingly similar to Borunbabur Bondhu or not. 

The trailer of AB Aani CD is an extension of its teaser. Chandrakant Deshpande (Vikram Gokhale) trudges through his dreary life after the passing away of his wife (Neena Kulkarni). He has become a burden for his family, which doesn’t consider him worthy of respect. 

But everything changes once Amitabh Bachchan decides to visit him. In his letter, Bachchan says that he and Deshmukh were school friends, but the latter is unable to recall anything. 

Going by the trailer, the mood of the film is light-hearted and humorous, despite the serious nature of the basic story. This, along with the interesting storyline, makes one eager to watch the film. 

Gokhale looks promising in the role of an old neglected man. The film also stars Sayali Sanjeev and Akshay Tanksale in important roles. 

AB Aani CD will be releasing on 13 March. 

Watch the trailer and let us know if you would be watching the film:

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