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Coronavirus update: China shuts down cinemas again

The country's Film Bureau ordered all venues to be closed immediately.

Our Correspondent

China has once again shut down all cinema halls across the country. In the past two weeks, certain provinces of China had been gradually allowed to reopen theatres. But yesterday, 27 March, the country's Film Bureau ordered all the venues to be closed immediately.

No reason was given why the policy was reversed so suddenly.

There are around 70,000 screens in the Middle Kingdom, of which 600 had been given permission to reopen. The cinema halls planned to screen films like A Dog’s Purpose (2017), local blockbuster Wolf Totem (2015), and the first Harry Potter film. All the money from the shows was to have gone to the theatres as producers and distributors have waived their share.

Shanghai's 205 screens were expected to reopen again today. Reportedly, Chinese officials are worried about a second wave of coronavirus infections as 55 new cases were recorded in the country, 54 of them from foreign visitors.

The country also announced a temporary ban on visitors to the country, even with visas and residence permits. Chinese and foreign airlines have been reduced to one flight a week, which should not carry more than 75% of its capacity.

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