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Second season of Aani Kay Hava? will have more characters, says Priya Bapat

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Directed by Varun Narvekar, this season will see Jui and Saket happily married for three years.

Keyur Seta

Real-life couple Priya Bapat and Umesh Kamat are back to playing the reel-life couple, Jui and Saket, in the second season of their web-series Aani Kay Hava? on MX Player. Directed by Varun Narvekar, it's a slice-of-life drama that follows the incidents in the lives of the couple. 

Talking about the second season during an exclusive chat with us, Bapat said, “Now their marriage has completed three years. In the first season, Jui and Saket were a newly-married couple. After three years, their relationship has grown progressively stronger. This season explores their relationship, unlike the first season, which was about external things, like their first home and first car. This season is about what happens in their respective lives.”

Bapat added, “I feel there is a good takeaway from each episode. Since we all have faced similar situations, it feels good and relatable. It is the story of our households.” 

The other difference this time is that Bapat and Kamat aren’t the only characters on the show. “There are other characters too in this season,” she said. “I feel this is a good breather. There can’t be just two of them in their lives. There are other people who keep coming. I find that very interesting. And when you have good actors on board, it’s always enjoyable working." 

Bapat tells us that since the set-up was the same, shooting the episodes was an enjoyable experience. “It is always fun working with Varun and Umesh. Plus, we had Radio Mirchi as the producer. So, it was fun and easy to work with such a good team. There was no stress,” she said. 

The script is the main criteria for her when it comes to choosing any project. “The only criteria is a great script. If the script itself is not interesting, then you can’t do anything. I feel a good director always brings you a good script,” she said. 

Bapat’s forthcoming projects are on hold currently because of the global coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown of the nation and the film industry because of it. “Only when shootings resume will I know when my next film will start,” she said. 

She believes that both the state and central government deserve praise for the way they have handled the serious crisis. “It is our duty to appreciate their work. I am mighty proud of the way our authorities are handling it. They are doing an excellent job,” said Bapat. 

The second season of Aani Kay Hava? started streaming on MX Player from 21 March. Just like the first season, the second one also consists of six episodes. 

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