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Kriti Sanon pens a poem to reach out to fans amid coronavirus outbreak

The actress posted a video of herself narrating the poem about mankind's need to slow down and reconnect with nature.

Our Correspondent

With almost half the world locked down in quarantine, social media has become the primary platform for communication. Kriti Sanon has used her time in isolation to write a poem for her fans.

Speaking about the isolation as a 'need to slow down', Sanon remarked that it was perhaps necessary as humanity was putting too much pressure on nature.

The Panipat (2019) actress said, "We have been running too fast. It feels like we needed to pause. We must."

She added, "I feel this quarantine time has given a lot of us the time to do the things we did not have the 'time' to do.'' 


We’ve been running too fast.. It almost feels like we needed to PAUSE.. We MUST! भाग रहा है तू जैसे वक्त से आगे निकल जाएगा। भीड़ में गुम होकर भी खुद को तनहा ही पाएगा। तो थम जा। ठहर जा। मेरी परवाह किए बिना खुशियाँ खरीदने में लगा है। याद रख, लकीरें तेरे हाथों में हैं पर मुझसे भी जुड़ा एक धागा है। कुदरत हूँ मैं, गर मैं लड़खड़ाई, तो ये घागा भी टूट जाएगा। हवा, पानी, मिट्टी के बिना तू कैसे ज़िंदा रह पाएगा? तो थम जा। ठहर जा।। — कृति #PoeticSoul 🦋

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The actress recently wrapped up the shoot for her upcoming film, Mimi (2020). All shooting and production across India has been halted in view of the coronavirus pandemic.

The industry is likely to suffer a massive economic loss even as production guilds have joined hands to try and help members of the industry cope with the damage and loss of employment. 

In addition to Mimi, Sanon has the Akshay Kumar-led Bachchan Pandey (2021) lined up in her project list.

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