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Mimi Chakraborty arranges for free masks, sanitisers while in isolation

The actress, along with her co-stars Biswanath Basu and Jeet, returned from shooting their upcoming film Baazi, directed by Anshuman Pratyush, in London, England.

Photo: Courtesy Mimi Chakroborty Facebook

Roushni Sarkar

Actress Mimi Chakraborty has been in isolation since her return from London, England for a film shoot. However, the actress-turned-Trinamool MP [member of Parliament] made sure to spread awareness regarding public safety in the outbreak of novel coronavirus in India. While in isolation at home, she made arrangements for free masks and sanitisers for her constituents in Sonarpur area.

The actress, along with her co-stars Biswanath Basu and Jeet, returned from shooting their upcoming film Baazi, directed by Anshuman Pratyush and team, in London on 18 March and went into isolation. Chakraborty’s office in Patuli has been closed and she is also using disposable plates for food.

Chakraborty recorded a video talking about the essential guidelines of healthcare during this time as India is about to enter the stage of community spread of coronavirus. The actress spoke of maintaining personal hygiene and asked people to stay indoors, while representatives of her party All India Trinamool Congress went to her constituency and educated people on maintaining basic hygiene and social distancing, and distributed free masks and sanitisers.

There have been three confirmed cases of coronavirus in Kolkata so far and all of them have recently returned from foreign trips. The Trinamool chairperson and chief minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee, has issued a directive of a total lockdown in the state from today onwards. She has also spoken about essential medical measures and providing free rice for more than 7 lakh people.  

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