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Email Female trailer: Nikhil Ratnaparkhi tries doing a No Entry and falls flat

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The trailer suggests that Email Female is a B-grade film.

Keyur Seta

Nikhil Ratnaparkhi has been impressive as a character actor over the past decade or so in Marathi and, occasionally, Hindi cinema. He then played the protagonist for the first time in Gola Berij, where he essayed the real-life character of the legendary humorist PL Deshpande.

Ratnaparkhi is all set to play the lead for the second time in his film career in Yogesh Jadhav’s Email Female. The difference, however, is that this time he is essaying the protagonist in a film that appears to be a B-grade project.

A title like Email Female itself sounds shady. The trailer makes it clearer. We get to know from the promo that Shantanu Kulkarni (Ratnaparkhi) is living a boring life with his wife and daughter. He tries to find some excitement by inviting a sex worker home.

Such type of fun becomes a regularity for him. The shy Shantanu now becomes a cunning and lying husband, but soon he faces the consequences.

There was a time when Hindi cinema was dominated by films of a similar theme like Masti (2004), Shaadi No 1 (2005) and No Entry (2005). In other words, this theme has become outdated even for Hindi cinema. On top of that, the handling of the subject here makes the Hindi films mentioned above look like classics.

Ratnaparkhi appears too awkward in the trailer. And the less said about the others, the better. By the way, what is someone like Vikram Gokhale doing here?

Email Female was supposed to be released on 20 March but has now been postponed in the wake of the shutdown of cinemas because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Watch the trailer below and let us know if you would be keen to watch this film.

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