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Coronavirus fear: Stay away from 'WhatsApp university', says Marathi star Swwapnil Joshi

Actor Joshi was speaking on the subject during an interview about his forthcoming web-series Samantar.

Keyur Seta

The rapid spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 across the world has created a fear psychosis among the people. The fear is being multiplied by unverified and patently false information doing the rounds of social media networks and chat applications like WhatsApp.

Actor Swwapnil Joshi has urged everyone to stop spreading such information. “Countries and their governments are working on it. As citizens what we can do is refrain from 'WhatsApp university', refrain from spreading fear and restrict our lack of knowledge to ourselves. If I don’t know anything about it, I at least have the control of keeping mum,” he said in the course of an exclusive conversation about his new web-series Samantar.

Major misinformation has been peddled about alleged cures for the illness. No cure has been found yet.“Today I read somewhere that the coronavirus goes away if you have liquor,” Joshi remarked. “So I need to have the basic sensibility that I don’t pass this information to somebody. It’s bullshit information. That is the least I can do. If I can’t help, I can at least stop being a nuisance.”

Joshi also appealed to fans not to treat coronavirus patient as criminals. “I would like to humbly tell them that this is an illness, it’s not a crime," he said. "If somebody around you is infected or feeling infected, it is your duty to channelize that person to the right resource like a government hospital. We shouldn’t shun them. Quarantine is a medical thing. But there shouldn’t be social isolation.”

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