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Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar song ‘Faraar’: Arjun Kapoor lets loose in this Anu Malik number

The composition shows a lighter side to the usually gruff character.

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Sonal Pandya

The song ‘Faraar’ is the one moment of levity in the seemingly dark film directed by Dibakar Banerjee, where Sandeep Kaur (Parineeti Chopra) and Pinky Dahiya (Arjun Kapoor) are on the run from some men who want Sandeep dead.

At a party in a northern town near the Nepal border where no one knows them, Pinky lets loose as he shows off his dance moves on the stage. He seems to be prompted at first, and later he can be seen enjoying himself, much to the surprise of Chopra’s Sandeep.

Anu Malik is back after a nearly two-year gap to compose and sing the track. This film has been in the making now for nearly three years, and Malik gives it his trademark spin in ‘Faraar,’ when he croons the peppy number.

He has teamed up with Banerjee for the lyrics of ‘Faraar’ as well, which speaks about finding fame as a film star in Mumbai. Some lyrics, however, can take on a different meaning as a line in the song says, ‘koi na jaane mere andaar ki fire [no one knows my hidden fire]’. Is Pinky hiding something from Sandeep?

Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar is due to be released on 20 March. Watch the song below and let us know if you are keen to watch the film.

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