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Agantuk teaser promises predictable story with a twist

The aged Shobharani Basu, who lives alone, is hounded to sell her ancestral property and eventually killed. That is when the mystery begins.

Roushni Sarkar

The teaser for Indraadip Dasgupta’s upcoming film Agantuk offers glimpses of a film that deals with an issue that has already been explored in cinema, including most recently in Gotro (2019) and Sanjhbati (2019).

Featuring Sohini Sarkar and Abir Chatterjee in the lead, the teaser for Agantuk predominantly shows Sarkar in an aged avatar, interspersed with visuals from a flashback.

The visuals in which Sarkar features as the aged Shobharani Basu suggest that she lives alone in her house, with her children living abroad. However, though lonely, she never loses command of her situation. For the same reason, her tenants are not happy with her; they are complicit with a group of promoters who want the old lady to sell her property.

The visuals from the flashback, on the other hand, show the introduction between Chatterjee and Sarkar before they get married. What became of Chatterjee’s character is not known from the teaser, but one cannot presume him to have died because in the final scene the shadow of a stranger who looks like him appears.

In the teaser, we see that Shobharani gets killed, probably by those who were eyeing her property. However, the twist seems to lie in the suggestion of the stranger, who appears at the end of the teaser and creates anticipation for a mystery connected with the murder.

The film is slated for release in April but no date has been set yet. Wtach the teaser for Agantuk below and let us know if you are keenly awaiting this film.

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