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'Get your priorities right, world', says Inaamulhaq in his lockdown poem Duniya

Written by the actor and narrated on voiceover by Jameel Khan, the poem is presented as a dialogue between a man and the world.

Shriram Iyengar

Actor Inaamulhaq has put up a video that captures his learning from the ongoing pandemic and the massive damage that it has caused globally The actor, who was last seen alongside Vir Das in the Netflix series, Hasmukh, addresses the world limping back to normalcy in his poem titled Duniya and asks, ''What went wrong?''  

Duniya (World), written by Inaamulhaq, is narrated on voiceover by Jameel Khan, and is presented as a conversation between a man and the world. Taking into account the damage to society, human life, economics, and nature caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the poem asks us if we ever had our priorities right. Instead of the world focussing on education and medicine, it focussed on war and building tanks. Where equipment to save lives should have been prioritised, weapons and sales became a priority. 

As the poet, Haq says that now it is perhaps time to learn from the past and make the most of the opportunities to correct our course for the future. So that the next time, one need not have to think about what went wrong. 

While visually simple, the poem does have a relevance to the issues that the world continues to face. WIth the lockdown being phased out, film production, along with other industries, is slowly finding its feet again. Yet, it might take time for normalcy to return around the world. 

In the description to the video, the actor writes, "This film is a small effort to remind them to pay attention to the ‘Priorities’. Please share this video and tag the top global policymakers. This is neither a protest nor an anti-establishment motion. It’s just a humble reminder to keep medical infrastructure at prior consideration. Defence is important but health is ‘a Must’."

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