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Lost Stories releases ‘Noor’, its second song created in lockdown

The latest single features the voices of Zaeden and Akanksha Bhandari.

Our Correspondent

Lost Stories, the DJ and producer duo consisting of Prayag Mehta and Rishab Joshi, released their latest single ‘Noor’ on their label Bombay Electric Collective. The song is their second release during the nationwide lockdown.

The electro-pop-folk track is enhanced by vocals of singers Zaeden and Akanksha Bhandari. The song tells the story of a young girl waiting for her beloved to return. The lyrics speak about her setting up a charkha [spinning wheel] outside in the lane, near his house, hoping to get a glimpse of him. Everyone thinks the young girl is spinning cotton, while she is actually spinning the thread of their memories together.

Speaking about their latest release, Mehta and Joshi said, “‘Noor’, as a part of YouTube’s Foundry release, is one of our favourite collaborations as it involves all of our closest friends. Be it Zaeden or Akanksha or our management team from Represent. You could call this an in-house track that’s a reflection of love and patience.”

“We wanted to create a novel sound that had a memory callback factor yet is unique. The vocals by Akanksha and Zaeden are beautiful to say the least and our production had to do complete justice to them, without overpowering the vocals. I think we have reached a perfect harmony of balance and novelty with this track,” they continued.

Lost Stories recently made history as the first Indian artistes to be selected for YouTube's Foundry, the global artiste development programme which supports them as they build their careers on their own terms. Both Lost Stories and Zaeden have represented India at the international music festival Tomorrowland, and have worked together on the track ‘Bombay Dreams’ by KSHMR, Lost Stories, and Kavitha Seth.

Speaking about his third song released during the lockdown, Zaedan said, “Personally, as an evolving singer, a project like 'Noor' has given me a perspective about how multi-genre tracks work. Both the artistes Lost Stories and Akanksha Bhandari bring some refreshing takes to the table and I've thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this project and I hope our fans enjoy it as well.”

Bhandari added, “'Noor' is one of the most special collaborations ever as it includes my whole Represent family and it's a sound that I always wanted to play with but never got a chance! I am so grateful to be a part of this project.”

 You can listen to the track here: https://loststories.lnk.to/noor