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Mafia teaser: When a simple reunion party becomes a matter of life and death

This web-series is the first Hindi project of Bengali filmmaker Birsa Dasgupta.

Keyur Seta

Playing games like truth or dare is one of the ways in which people enjoy themselves at picnics and on trips. But what happens when such a game not only crosses its limits, but also becomes a matter of life and death for the contestants? Mafia, the upcoming web-series on Zee5, explores one such game.

A group of six college friends (Namit Das, Ishaa Saha, Tanmay Dhanania, Anindita Bose, Ridhima Ghosh and Madhurima Roy) reunite at a place inside the jungles of Madhupur for a bachelorette party.

They start playing a game called Mafia that looks harmless initially but soon becomes sinister after their dark past starts haunting them. The teaser shows how the mixture of alcohol, drugs and lust becomes deadly for them.

The concept of a group of friends reuniting after years and the reunion going awry isn’t original. The Hindi film Chitkabrey (2011) had a similar idea. But Mafia seems to have a different storyline; at least we hope it does.

The blue-ish colour scheme used here goes perfectly with the genre. It seems the series scores highly on cinematography and editing as well, going by the teaser. The artistes make only fleeting appearances since this is just a teaser.

Mafia is the first Hindi project of Bengali filmmaker Birsa Dasgupta. The web-series will be streamed on Zee5 from 10 July. Watch the teaser below and let us know if you would be watching this series.

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