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Diljit Dosanjh responds to politician who wants a police complaint filed against him

The singer-actor responded to allegations made by a member of Parliament from Punjab who called his song from six years ago inflammatory.

Our Correspondent

In a bizarre incident, Ravneet Singh Bittu, member of Parliament from Ludhiana, has urged his supporters and Congress party workers to lodge complaints with the Punjab police against popular singer Jazzy Bains and superstar actor-singer Diljit Dosanjh. The politician appealed to Youth Congress workers to get cases lodged against the two artistes.

Bittu alleged that Bains’s song 'Putt Sardaran De' is inflammatory and supports the erstwhile Khalistan separatist movement. His grouse against Dosanjh is that his song ‘Rangroot’, which featured in the National award-winning film Punjab 1984 (2014), provokes the youth.

Like practically every politician these days, Bittu said he has no personal enmity with the two singers but is doing it all in the interests of the country.

In response to Bittu’s allegation, Dosanjh posted a video on social media, addressing his fans and asking them what they think of the issue.

Dosanjh highlighted that the film, Punjab 1984, is not a new film and was certified by the Central Board of Film Certification and screened widely at the time of release. So, how, he wondered, is it possible that a National award-winning film released in 2014 is objectionable now, after so many years.

Dosanjh added that he is a tax-paying citizen of India and has always been a responsible and upright citizen of the country and does not understand why this issue has cropped up all of a sudden.