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Khurchi explores the impact of politics on children: See motion poster

Directed by Swaroop Vaishali Balasaheb Sawant, the film is about a child in rural India dreaming of political success. 

Keyur Seta

Marathi cinema has seen its share of interesting political dramas in the form of Samna (1974), Sinhasan (1979), Zenda (2010) and the recently-released Dhurala (2020). These films exposed the murky world of politics and how it affects individuals and society. However, writer-director Swaroop Vaishali Balasaheb Sawant’s Khurchi (2020) explores the impact of politics on kids, which is a rare concept. 

The makers have released the motion poster of the film and it is powerful. It has an audio of a kid saying, [translated to], “My father always says that a man can be small by age but there is no age to dream big. You can fulfil your dreams at any age. Now the chair [which indicates power] is ours!” 

Going through this audio, it seems the film is about a kid’s dream of attaining success in politics, which is not only novel but also strange. We will probaby get to know the main story when the trailer is out. The cast of the film is currently being kept under wraps. 

Speaking about the film, Sawant said in an official statement, “In villages, the politics of power even drags kids into the political world along with the grown-ups. Then the tactics of the grown-ups are not understood by kids; they can’t relate with it. The game of politics leaves behind an impact on kids’ minds. This story is about a rural kid who has got affected by the cunning game of politics.” 

Sharing more information about the film, producer Santosh Vasant Hagawane said, “I decided to produce the film because I really liked the story written by Swaroop. The pre-production of the movie is over. We will start shooting from October and release the film in April 2021. People will get to see a never-seen-before aspect of rural politics in the film.”

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