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Churuli trailer: Dark and mysterious; Lijo Jose Pellissery promises another thrilling ride

The film, starring Chemban Vinod Jose and Vinay Forrt, is about some men who go in search of something in a dense jungle and spookier things start happening.

Suyog Zore

After making waves nationally and internationally with his brilliant Jallikkattu (2019), Lijo Jose Pellissery has released a trailer for his upcoming film Churuli (2020).

Shot in the picturesque high hills and dense jungles of Kerala, the trailer instantly sucks you in with its captivating camerawork by Madhu Neelakandan. Just a few shots from the trailer are enough to persuade you that this is going to be another masterpiece from Lijo Jose Pellissery.

The trailer, which is a little more than three minutes long, begins with animated visuals as the voice of a woman narrates a tale about a phantom who stays in this beautiful but mysterious forest. She tells a story about an old brahmin who once set out in search of this creature and who is apparently still seen in the forest.

As she narrates the tale, a Jeep full of men is seen going through the jungle, actors Chemban Vinod Jose and Vinay Forrt among them. It seems they are also in search of something. As they enter deeper into the jungle, things start to get spookier.

The trailer creates a sense of dread as the men head in the unknown. The haunting musical score by Sreerag Saji adds to the eeriness of the trailer.

Churuli has been written by S Hareesh, who had also written the screenplay for Jallikkattu. Chemban Vinod, who has featured in Lijo Jose's previous films Jallikkattu and Ee Maa Yau (2017), is producing Churuli with the director. Watch the trailer and let us know if you are keen to watch this film.

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