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Mallika Dua plays news anchor Mythika Dutt for Flipkart Video's Fake or Not?

The new show, being launched today, addresses a relevant issue of weeding out misinformation and helping audiences see the difference between real and fake.

Our Correspondent

Mallika Dua headlines a new role as news anchor Mythika Dutt on Flipkart Video's Fake or Not? to counter the growing threat of misinformation. The actress, writer and comedian will address this growing issue in this new satirical comedy being launched today.

Flipkart Video Originals, in support of the United Nations’ ‘Verified’ campaign, has launched the show to help audiences distinguish between real and fake, and curb misinformation. It will educate users on how to debunk fake content, and importantly also address common misconceptions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dua's sincere host Mythika Dutt takes on fake news and fights ignorance through her news segments. Apart from fighting fake news, the quiz show also shoots down common myths which many have come to trust as fact.

“People today are so easily misinformed with all the viral content flooding social media," Dua shared. "It has been great taking on a new role, playing Mythika Dutt, to address this. True to the character, I am determined to fight misconceptions as I keep viewers informed through the light-hearted and engaging format of the show. This is such a great initiative by Flipkart Video to educate people and the twist of comedy makes the show entertaining, while still driving awareness to question the source and credibility of the information. The show is definitely the need of the hour and I can’t wait to see how this journey unfolds."

To watch the show and win daily prizes, head over to the Flipkart App, click on the video button at the bottom right of the screen, and click on Fake or Not?.

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