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Hrithik Roshan, Deepika Padukone motivate students in documentary Batch 2020

Written and directed by filmmaker Anto Philip, the film features personalities from different fields, who share, inspire and encourage students who missed graduating this year due to the pandemic. 

Our Correspondent

The COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing lockdown has not only had an adverse impact on the global economy, but has also impacted the lives of students, especially those who missed graduating this year. In his documentary, Batch 2020, filmmaker Anto Philip focuses on these students and seeks to motivate them.

The documentary features Hrithik Roshan, Deepika Padukone and other personalities from different fields, who share their insights and motivate students, who would have graduated this year, and are now faced with an unsure future. 

In his motivation byte, Hrithik encourages the students to improve their skills in this time of chaos and disorder. "I want you to be someone that improves in the chaos, in the discomfort and uncertainty. It is something that is beyond intellect and about your soul," he says. 

Padukone, a college dropout, urges students to banish the stigma against dropouts and shares what lead her to take the decision to quit college. "I was clear about what I wanted to do. I always hated academics. I always felt that I could learn in different ways than just going to college," says the actress. 

Along with Roshan and Padukone, Batch 2020 also features personalities like singer Armaan Malik, filmmaker, entrepreneur and sytems researcher Anand Gandhi, film critic Anupama Chopra, musicians Bryden-Parth, Puma marketing head Debosmita Majumder, Kwan co-founder and national head Dhruv Chitgopekar, TV news anchor Faye D'Souza, musical artiste Jordindian, contemporary artist Raghava KK, Malayalam actress and model Reba John, Rega Jha from BuzzFeed India, film and theatre director Roshan Abbas and stand-up comedian Tanmay Bhat.

Talking about the documentary, the writer-director said, "This docu-film offers a wealth of information, inspiration and insights by chosen motivators and disruptors who are educators, employers, entertainers and leaders from varied backgrounds and graduation batches, via thoughtfully curated conversations, speeches, and tongue-in-cheek interviews.”

The hour-long documentary is produced by Philip under his banner, Under 25 Studios. 

Watch the documentary below: