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There is no alternative to multiplexes and cinema halls, says Subhash Ghai

The veteran filmmaker and exhibitor agreed, however, that digital platforms have reduced the struggle for new artistes.

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An international webinar, Insight 8.0, was recently held on the topic ‘Outpace of Digital Media: Prospects and Challenges of New Skills during COVID-19’. It was attended by veteran filmmaker and exhibitor Subhash Ghai, Hollywood actor-filmmaker Edward James Olmos, producer Steven Zubkoff, executive chairman of Associated Financial Inc, and Mohit Soni, chief operations officer of the Media and Entertainment Skills Council.

During the chat, Ghai said digital progress has helped to reduce the struggle of new artistes. “The digital platform has created a new world for the skilled youngster and content curator," the filmmaker said. "There is no need to hang about the production houses. Now you can become an actor, director, and entrepreneur. If the content is powerful, then easy to get monetization. Producer is ready to invest in your content.

“Web-series, film [or] whatever is the production format, everywhere content is king. People like local content, but there should be a way to say it.”

However, Ghai also said he is a firm believer in the relevance of cinema houses. “Though OTT platforms have expanded during COVID-19, there is no alternative to multiplexes and cinema houses in the country,” he said. 

Advances in technology also demand know-how from artistes, said Olmos. “To be a good [film] actor, it is necessary to have a good understanding of cameras, lighting and sound," he said. "The same thing applies to becoming a director. Technology has given birth to a new genre of mobile film. At the international level, mobile-based films are coming to festivals, but it also requires learning skills.”

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