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Sharman Joshi recalls 'fan boy' moment with Saroj Khan on her last film

The actor said he and his co-stars and the entire unit were in awe of the veteran choreographer who died on 3 July.

Keyur Seta

Veteran choreographer Saroj Khan, who died last week, did not take up many projects in the last decade. Her last film to be released will be Agnidev Chatterjee’s upcoming Babloo Bachelor (2020), starring Sharman Joshi.

Looking back on the experience, Joshi told Cinestaan.com, “I had the good fortune of being choreographed by her. She was as enthusiastic as ever and very kind and giving. She was driving everyone around to give of their best.”

The actor said Khan's body of work over six decades should be celebrated. “What can one say about legends! It’s an extreme loss for the industry," he said. "She did some wonderful work. We need to celebrate her and remember her for all the wonderful moments she has given us in cinema. She will be sorely missed, but I feel it’s a great life she lived.”

Joshi said being in front of Khan was a "fan boy moment" for him and the cast, including his two leading ladies Pooja Chopra and Tejashree Pradhan.

Recalling the shoot, he said, “We were completely in awe of her. We were just so delighted to be getting a chance to work with her. All of us — the producer, the director, actors, actresses — have been admirers of her work. Then to actually get a chance to work with her and have her on the set was amazing. It cannot be described in words.”

It was during the making of Babloo Bachelor that Joshi realized that Saroj Khan could indeed get proper performances out of just about any actor. “To get the best out of actors requires another set of skills altogether, which Saroj-ji had in abundance," he said. "She could make the worst look all right and the all right look great. She was wonderful, easy and helpful. She kept motivating all of us to give of our best.”

Joshi also recounted an unforgettable moment from the shoot. It was late at night and the artistes thought Khan, who was sitting in her chair, looked tired. “So we asked if we should pack up early. She just rose and said she was only resting for five minutes, where is the need to pack up? ‘Can’t I even sit down for five minutes?’ she said. We continued shooting till early morning.”

Babloo Bachelor was slated to be released in March but is currently on hold because of the COVID-19 pandemic.