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I don't find my music unique, says indie musician Prateek Kuhad

The singer-composer gained popularity with his single 'Cold/Mess', which also featured in former US president Barack Obama's list of 35 favourite songs in 2019.

Our Correspondent

A rising star in indie music in the country, singer, songwriter and composer Prateek Kuhad has delivered hits like 'Cold/Mess', 'Kya Karoon' and 'Kasoor'. But surprisingly, the musician does not think there is anything special about his own music.

"I myself, don’t really find my music that unique. There is a lot of other stuff you can hear which will sound similar. I just try to write good songs, mostly from my own internal barometer, whatever feels right to me. That's the only thing I kind of strive for," he said in a recent podcast titled, Talking Music.

With his first album, 'In Tokens & Charms', Kuhad became instantly popular with young listeners. He has also composed for the Hindi film Karwaan (2018), but admits that it's not something he wants to dedicate his life to.

"I am picky about what I want to do. They usually come in with a lot of rules. For example, production companies and directors have come in and they kind of expect me to do the score for the film as well, and I’m just like, I don’t do that. I’m going to write a song and that’s all I’m going to do,” he said.

Kuhad's 'Cold/Mess', which released in 2018, was a massive hit among music lovers. Even former United States president Barack Obama listed it among his 35 favourite tracks in 2019.

"By the time the Obama thing happened, I had already become fairly secure about my career. I mean, even before that, I had started to feel comfortable. But when 'Cold/Mess' came out in 2018, I’d really started feeling good about things and the track was received really well. And then the music video came out, which made things even better,” he said.

Talking about his future projects, Kuhad said: “In the past couple of years, I’ve had lots of offers of projects and almost every single one we’ve said no to. Except like two or three, which will come soon and are mostly Netflix projects from directors who’ve worked with me before. They’ve liked me so things worked out.”