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Vijay Kenkre, Jitendra Joshi to celebrate Ratnakar Matkari's work with a story reading session on 1 August

 The veteran Marathi playwright and author passed away in May after contracting COVID-19.

Keyur Seta

Well known Marathi artistes Jitendra Joshi, Vijay Kenkre, Pushkar Shrotri and Sharvari Lohokare will be coming together to read out stories written by the late playwright, author and filmmaker Ratnakar Matkari, who succumbed in May to COVID-19 at age 81. In a mark of tribute to Matkari, the event, which will also celebrate his literary work, will be held online on 1 August. 

Speaking about the upcoming story reading session, Joshi said, “I am happy to have got this chance. Vijay Kenkre informed me about this event. I have read a lot of his [Matkari’s] stories. He wrote plays, novels, short story collections, for which he got so many awards. I always wondered how a single person can do all this. He was a wonderful artiste. And the two stories I will be reading are so brilliant.” 

Joshi shared that he was enjoying the preparations for the event, directed by Kenkre. “Vijay dada himself is such a good actor. I, Pushkar Shrotri and Sharvari Lohokare would be performing under his guidance. Even in times of COVID-19, rehearsals are so much fun. The kind of stories and characters Matkari created and the kind of atmosphere he generated, to get into it is no less than a play performance,” he added. 

The music for the story reading sessions will be handled by musician Ajit Parab. “I am a fan of his music and also admire him as a person,” said Joshi. “When I get a chance to work with such good friends, I enjoy it. I am happy to know that people from around the world will be watching it and they will enjoy it. After the show you will also get to interact with the audience, which is also enjoyable.” 

But Joshi is most excited about performing in front of veteran actor Dilip Prabhavalkar. “Dilip kaka has also booked a ticket. He did this out of love for Matkari sir, Vijay dada and Pushkar. You feel great and it also adds to the responsibility. After knowing that Dilip sir will be watching it, you realize you need to work hard at the rehearsals,” he said. 

Tickets to the event, presented by Badaam Raja Productions, can be booked from Para Share Entertainment's official website.