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Prawaas trailer: Ashok Saraf gives life a second chance with Padmini Kolhapure’s support

The film tells a relatable story of an ordinary common man. 

Keyur Seta

The trailer of the Ashok Saraf and Padmini Kolhapure-starrer Prawaas shows that even a simple story about an ordinary man, no different from the lakhs of people in this country, can be fascinating and worth telling. Whether the film will live up to the trailer will only be known after it releases. But the trailer certainly fills you with optimism. 

Directed by Shashank Udapurkar, Prawaas is the journey of Abhijat Inamdar (Saraf), a senior citizen who stays with his wife (Kolhapure). After arriving in Mumbai at a young age, he found a job, married and had a son [who now works abroad]. 

Inamdar doesn’t realize how soon the years have passed him by, until his health starts deteriorating in old age. He now feels his life is incomplete and that he hasn’t done anything worth appreciating. At this time his spiritual guru (Rajit Kapoor) enlightens him that he still has time to follow his heart. Inamdar gets a new lease of life after he starts walking on the path suggested by the spiritual guru. 

Although the trailer gives away a good part of the story, it still succeeds in moving you. This story might be of a senior citizen but his situation is relatable to anyone unhappy with their life. Inamdar’s situation has shades of Anupam Kher’s character in Saaransh (1983), but that is where the similarity ends.

As one can expect from an actor like Saraf, he appears to have fit the role. Kolhapure isn’t given much footage here. Hopefully, we will get to see her chemistry with Saraf in the film. Shreyas Talpade’s fleeting appearance appears abrupt though. 

Well-known Hindi music composer duo Salim-Sulaiman will make their debut in Marathi cinema with this film. The music appears impressive in the trailer. 

Prawaas will be releasing on 31 January. Watch the trailer and let us know if you would be watching the film:

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