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Lata Bhagwan Kare plays herself in film depicting her incredible feat: See trailer

The manual labourer won a 3km race at the age of 65 back in 2013.

Keyur Seta

Lata Bhagwan Kare was in the news in 2013 when she, at the age of 65, ran a 3km race and went on to win it. She was compelled to take part in the event as she desperately needed to win the prize money for the treatment of her husband Bhagwan Kare.

Now, a Marathi film titled Lata Bhagwan Kare has been made on her incredible achievement. But what is interesting and surprising is that the real-life Kare couple play themselves in the film written and directed by Navin Deshboina.

The trailer for the film throws light on how the Kares barely managed to eke out a hand-to-mouth existence by performing odd jobs. Their misery is compounded when Bhagwan falls sick. Lata finds a ray of hope when she learns about the race. She struggles hard to train for it with a determination to get her husband back on his feet.

It is rare indeed for the subjects of a film to be playing themselves in it. A few names that come to mind are Sunny Leone playing herself in the web-series Karenjit Kaur: The Untold Story Of Sunny Leone and former Test cricketer Kirti Azad doing the same in the Hindi film Kirket (2019).

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like a good idea in the case of Lata Bhagwan Kare, going by the film's trailer. Lata Kare’s achievement was praiseworthy indeed, and a moving one, but her performance here leaves one feeling underwhelmed. The same goes for the other artistes. The film also appears loud and, at the same time, feels like a documentary, not a good combination.

There is also a quibble about the prize money. The prize Kare had won was Rs5,000, but the film shows it as Rs50,000. Cinematic liberty, perhaps?

Lata Bhagwan Kare will be released on 17 January. Watch the trailer below and let us know if you are keen to watch this film.

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