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Parambrata Chatterjee is a crime reporter in Aditya Bikash Dutta's Shokuner Lov: See poster

The thriller also features Shankar Chakraborty, Tuhina Das, and Ratan Sharkhel in important roles.

Roushni Sarkar

Parambrata Chatterjee will be seen as crime reporter Anirban Sengupta in Anindya Bikash Dutta’s upcoming thriller Shokuner Lov (2020). The poster of the film, featuring Chatterjee and Joy Sengupta, was launched on 3 January. Shokuner Lov also features Shankar Chakraborty, Tuhina Das and Ratan Sharkhel in important roles.

In the poster, Chatterjee can be seen as taking some notes in a crime scene, in the presence of a police officer played by Joy Sengupta. The headline in the newspaper in front shows that the plot revolves around the murder of a Parsi woman.

In the film, crime reporter Anirban Sengupta (Chatterjee) have failed miserably in both his personal and professional life. Though a senior reporter, Sengupta has not seen much growth in his career as he could never emerge victorious out of office politics. On the other hand, he is so passionate about his job that he did not mind sacrificing the love of his life for it. His family life is grim as his mother is on her deathbed and he has already lost his father, a sports journalist, as well.

When he loses all hope regarding life, he gets hold of a crucial information regarding a murder that took place 16 years ago and he happened to be first one to reach the spot. A Parsi woman was killed with a single bullet into her head. The Kolkata police were unable to solve the mystery and closed the file. After 16 years, police officer Sujoy (Joy Sengupta) begins reinvestigating the case.

Sengupta gets the opportunity to prove himself for the last time as he gets flooded with information regarding the murder. However, this time too he faces the biggest hurdle before attaining his goal.

Shokuner Lov is slated for release on 7 February. 

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