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Makeup song 'Karar Premache': Neha Kakkar’s Marathi song is about the pain of a break-up

The song is based on the original composition 'Mile Ho Tum Hum Se' by Tony Kakkar

Suyog Zore

In most romantic drama films, there comes a juncture where the couple splits up, leading to the inevitable break-up song. Following this inescapable trend, the makers of Makeup (2020) have released the third song from the film.

Purvi (Rinku Rajguru) and Neel (Chinmay Udgirkar) break up after a heated argument, but both long for each other. While they are alone and engulfed in their sadness, they reminisce about the sweet moments spent together. 

'Karar Premache' is the archetype break up song. The song is based on the original composition ‘Mile Ho Tum Hum Se’ by Tony Kakkar, who has also composed the Marathi version. Neha Kakkar, probably the busiest female singer in the last couple of years, has provided the vocals for it. She had also sung the original Hindi version. 

Tony Kakkar has not changed anything from the original composition, which is a good idea. As in the original, Neha Kakkar brings in the right amount of emotion to the song. The singer falters occasionally with her Marathi pronunciation, but it is still a good attempt. Particularly when one considers the fact that she has not sung many songs in Marathi. Mangesh Kangane has provided serviceable lyrics to the composition. 

Directed by writer-director Ganesh Pandit, Makeup is due to be released on 7 February 2020. Watch both songs below and let us know if you are keen to watch the film.


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