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Squad, starring Rinzing Denzongpa, to have one-of-its-kind helicopter chase

The action sequence was shot in the span of four days with three helicopters.

Our Correspondent

Rinzing Denzongpa's debut film Squad (2020), directed by Nilesh Sahay, is shaping up to be a unique action film. The film's unit recently completed shooting a never-seen-before helicopter-chase sequence. The chase was shot in four days with three helicopters. Squad's climax is a modern-day battle featuring 400 stuntmen.

Newcomer Denzongpa did his own stunts, as did co-star Malvika Raaj, who had to co-pilot one of the choppers. The actress took flight simulation lessons for a month and did one run as a co-pilot.

Stunt coordinator Keir Beck and director Nilesh Sahay

Squad's stunt coordinator Keir Beck said, "It was a big sequence and extremely tough as the weather wasn’t the best. However, with eight cameras rolling, Nylo [director Nilesh Sahay] kept his cool, showing the composure of a seasoned international action film director, even operating the camera in one of the helicopters. We got what we wanted and created another epic sequence for Squad."

Sahay added, "I really wanted to do what people haven’t seen here, and like Michael Bay, I am a fan of practical effects. I feel it’s a dying art, so I wanted to keep it all in camera, then shoot in a green room. Squad is an emotional patriotic popcorn action film, with action on every beat."

Squad is expected to be released this summer, but no date has been set yet.