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We all have a storyteller inside us: Producer Manish Mundra

At a panel discussion at the Rajasthan International Film Festival in Jaipur, Mundra unveiled his book of poems while sharing his love for the arts.

Sukhpreet Kahlon

In the first of the Knowledge series organized by the Rajasthan International Film Festival (RIFF), Drishyam Films founder Manish Mundra was in conversation with RIFF co-founder Anshu Harsh. The session, titled ‘Jack of All Trades’, focused on Mundra's many interests apart from films, as he delved into his love for poetry, painting and photography.

The session began in the most unusual way, with Harsh displaying a picture of a young Mundra that harked back to his humble beginnings. The photograph became a nostalgic moment which enabled the producer to go back in time and remember a time in his life spent struggling for money and facing hardships.

Mundra started working at a young age, selling cold drinks while still a student. Highlighting some of the moments that had built his character in his formative years, he insisted that “life has been kind to me” and spoke of his experiences, leaving home at age 19 to go to Jodhpur and graduate in accounting, getting himself an MBA, and building his entrepreneurial model.

In the conversation, Harsh drew attention to Mundra's love for painting and photography as well. Speaking of his love for these forms of creative expression, Mundra said, “Every individual has the ability to express themselves. That expression may come through painting, sketching… but colours on paper or oil on canvas will give you a different level of satisfaction.”

Speaking about cinema, he stressed the way in which technology today enables anyone to become a filmmaker. “Nowadays, everyone has the power to make movies,” he remarked, adding, “We all have a storyteller inside us. To tell stories with mobiles has become a lot easier.”

Mundra showcased his book of 108 poems in Hindi titled Kuchh Adhuri Baatein Mann Ki (Some Unfinished Thoughts), and read out two of his poems, ‘Mera Apna Ghar’ and ‘Do Raahein’, which left the audience mesmerized.

The collection of poems is an expression of the producer's ideas and emotions. He said, “I am happy because this was one of my dreams, to have a book, and the idea which I want to communicate is that when you start something, it may not be great, it may not be perfect, but for you it’s a beautiful thing. Preserve it, own it and that will lead to something else.”

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