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JJ School of Arts students to make live sculptures on Gandhi at MIFF 2020

The Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF) will also showcase documentaries on the various ideologies of Mohandas K Gandhi. 

Screenshot from the Marathi movie Nude (2018)

Keyur Seta

This year, the 16th edition of the Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF) will be celebrating the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi in ways more than one. As it’s a cinema platform, the festival will screen various documentaries on the leader of India’s freedom movement. 

“Films Division is very fortunate to have a very rich repository of Gandhiji’s films,” Smita Vats Sharma, festival director, and director general of Films Division said. “We have made a wide variety of films on Mahatma Gandhi and his ideas on non-violence, khadi, among others. We would be showcasing some of these legendary documentaries.” 

Interestingly, one activity at the festival will go beyond cinema this year. “To take the dialogue forward we have also invited students from JJ School of Arts. They will be making live sculptures on Mahatma Gandhiji. So, the cinema narrative is stepping outside the theatre by going out into the open,” she said. 

Explaining further, Sharma said, “It serves two purposes. The younger lot is invited to be a part of this dialogue. Their creativity will also be showcased. So, the filmmaking becomes more than a viewing experience.” 

Gandhi vehemently promoted the use of khadi products in order to make India self-sufficent. This aspect will also be covered this year in MIFF. “We have NGO [called] Desi from Bangalore which will be showcasing and making khadi products. The Gandhi idiom is taken beyond the cinema language into khadi and these sculptures made by students,” she said. 

Sharma also added that the National Museum of Indian Cinema, which is inside the premises of Films Division, has a gallery on Mahatma Gandhi and cinema. 

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