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Makeup trailer: Rinku Rajguru struggles to live life on her own terms

The film also stars Chinmay Udgirkar in a pivotal role. 

Keyur Seta

The teaser and poster of Rinku Rajguru’s upcoming Marathi film Makeup (2020) revealed that the film will see her in two different avatars. While she will appear sanskaari [well-behaved] at home, her real, outgoing and bold self will be seen with her friends. 

The trailer of the film throws more light on the story. The film deals with the struggle Poorvi (Rajguru) goes through to live life on her own terms. Poorvi’s parents are eager to marry her off in a traditional arranged marriage fashion but, like many youngsters, is against getting married in this way. The film also stars Chinmay Udgirkar in a pivotal role. Whether he is playing her lover will be known only in the film. 
Going by the trailer, it seems the film is a light-hearted saga about Poorvi wanting to life an independent life against various odds. At the same time, it also looks at the widening of generation gap between kids, especially girls, and their traditional parents. 

The trailer shows promise of the film being an interesting saga aimed at the youth of today. The moment when Poorvi pretends to feel shattered after being rejected by a prospective groom stands out. 

Rajguru appears good in a challenging role, except the initial portion where she utters a Hindi dialogue. This is Udgirkar’s second lead role after Vajlach Pahije (2015). 

Directed by Ganesh Pandit, Makeup will be released on 7 February. Watch the trailer and let us know if you would be keen to watch the film.

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