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Vikun Taak trailer: Chunky Pandey makes Shivraj Waichal’s life more complicated

The trailer clearly gives the idea that the makers' intention is only to make a madcap slapstick entertainer.

Keyur Seta

The idea of a man forced to commit a crime as he badly needs a large amount of money generally gives rise to a serious crime drama. But Sameer Patil’s Marathi movie Vikun Taak is an out-and-out comedy based on the same theme.

Mukund Torambe (Shivraj Waichal) hails from a lower middle-class family and is in love with a young woman (Radha Sagar). He needs money urgently to pay off his creditors. He gets a brainwave to sell off various things online. The only problem is that those items don’t belong to him.

In the chaos that ensues, an Arab (Chunky Pandey) complicates things further for Torambe as he gets accused of selling a kidney.

The trailer for the film makes it amply clear that it wasn’t the intention of the makers to produce a light-hearted flick. We are clearly told the film is a slapstick, madcap entertainer where even the police, lawyers and judges behave in silly fashion while an Arab national goes about with his antics unabashedly.

Waichal is perfectly suited for the role of the innocent-looking thief. Pandey, who makes his Marathi film debut with this one, is funny.

Patil has made light-hearted entertainers like Poshter Boyz (2014), Poshter Girl (2016) and Shentimental (2017) before. But Vikun Taak appears to be his most massy affair till date.

The film is set for release on 31 January. Watch the trailer below and let us know if you would be watching this film.


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