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Tumhari Sulu director Suresh Triveni joins hands with Abundantia Entertainment

The filmmaker will come on board three projects for the company led by Vikram Malhotra.

Vikram Malhotra and Suresh Triveni

Our Correspondent

Suresh Triveni, who made his film debut with award-winning Tumhari Sulu (2017), is partnering up with Vikram Malhotra's Abundantia Entertainment to co-produce and direct his next two feature films. He will also be the creative director on a new web-series that he will be developing with them.

Starring Vidya Balan, Tumhari Sulu was the story of a housewife who rediscovers herself after she gets get a job at a radio station. Triveni, who also co-wrote the film, was previously an acclaimed ad filmmaker.
Triveni's upcoming films are expected to begin filming in 2020 and 2021. Currently, all three projects are in the scripting stage. According to the press release, one film is said to be an "emotional thriller", while the other will be "an evocative and quirky comedy-drama".

The director said in a statement, "After Tumhari Sulu, it took me a while to pull myself out of the universe of Sulu which I had been living in for a couple of years. While I was going through this hibernation, I met Vikram Malhotra. We jammed on various subjects and I realised stories that excited me, resonated with Vikram too. I am very excited that Abundantia has decided to partner with my creative vision for these two films and the series, and I look forward to this journey together."

In between, Triveni had sung a quirky song on the soundtrack of Vasan Bala's Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota (2019).

Malhotra echoed Triveni's sentiment and stated, "I am delighted that a creator of Suresh’s calibre has chosen to make Abundantia his creative think-space and home for his next ventures. I am confident that with his versatility and brilliant storytelling, we will create engaging and impactful content. With this collaboration, we hope to take Abundantia’s high quality, novel and engaging story-telling to the next level."