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Institute Of Pavtology poster: Crowded collage of slangs, hashtags used by youngsters on social media

This is the first time Sayaji Shinde and Girish Kulkarni will work with each other in a film.

Suyog Zore

For any film, choosing an appropriate title and creative poster are one of the most important parts of its promotional strategy. Especially for Marathi cinema, where the marketing budget is extremely low, makers have to be innovative to promote and create a buzz around their film. And seeing the latest teaser poster of upcoming Marathi film Institute Of Pavtology (2020), it seems the makers have cracked this difficult formula. 

The first teaser poster of Institute Of Pavtology is crowded with various slangs like 'Bas kay bhava [that's it, brother]', 'nusta dhoor [only showoff]',' and dushmanana khaj ahe mhanun amhala maaj ahe [we are proud of the fact that our enemies fear us]' used by young generation across social media and doodled on to resemble a notebook page.

We also see other doodles, including a faceless man with curly hair wearing colorful glasses. There is also a college with a name, BZ Kalantare Univeristy, in the background. The poster gives no indication about the story except the theme of the film, which seems to be a political satire.  

The film will feature Sayaji Shinde and Girish Kulkarni in the leads. This is the first time they will act together in a film. Institute Of Pavtology is directed by Prasad Namjoshi and Sagar Vanjari with dialogues and screenplay by Namjoshi himself. Though Vanjari has previously worked with Namjoshi as editor on his critically acclaimed film Rangaa Patangaa (2016), they will be co-directing a film together for the first time.

Produced by Fatmaar Films and Blink Motion Pictures, Institute of Pavtology is slated to release in April 2020. 

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