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Two complaints of sexual harassment filed against Ganesh Acharya in less than 10 days

Acharya, a well-known movie dance choreographer, has denied both allegations against him.

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Two complaints of sexual harassment have been lodged against senior dance choreographer Ganesh Acharya in less than 10 days by two women.

On 28 January, a 33-year-old female choreographer accused Acharya of forcing him to watch porn videos and depriving her of work. 

Speaking to the website, the complainant said, “Whenever I used to reach his office for any work I always found him watching porn videos and he even asked me to watch the porn videos. He also stated that even I will enjoy watching porn videos. Listening to this I lost my temper and I knew he was a womaniser and involved in gambling and cricket batting too so I will complaint against you to the association and police (sic).”

Following this, another woman, a senior background dancer, has also come forward with a complaint against Acharya for alleged sexual misconduct back in 1990. She has also written to the National Commission for Women (NCW).

The second complainant spoke to the Mid-Day newspaper and said Acharya’s assistant took her to Hotel East And West instead of a dance class. The woman, who was 18 then, said Acharya tried to get intimate with her by kissing her on the neck and cheeks.

“When I resisted, he threw me on the bed and said he wanted to make love to me and marry me," she told the paper. "I kept saying no, but he kept moving his hands over my body. I was too terrified and told him I am on my period. He finally got off from me and said, ‘Kya yaar, mood kharab kar diya’ [Sigh! You ruined my mood].”

Acharya, general secretary of the newly formed Indian Film and Television Choreographers' Association (IFTCA), had already been accused by veteran choreographer Saroj Khan of using his position to malign the Cine Dancers' Association (CDA).

Defending himself, Acharya told Mid-Day, “I have explained in a press conference that some people are tarnishing my image because I took a stand against them. They control trade unions in the industry. My stand against them and in the interest of dancers is causing them losses. Everyone involved in these wrongdoings against me will be exposed. They may do many such things against me, but I will not give up.”

Acharya had earlier been accused by actress Tanushree Dutta, along with actor Nana Patekar, director Rakesh Sarang and producer Samee Siddiqui, of sexual harassment on the sets of the film Horn Okk Pleassss in 2008.

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