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Tech may change, need for content won't, says Ramesh Meer ahead of Global Content Bazaar India 2020

Meer, managing director of Saicom Trade Fairs and Exhibitions Pvt Ltd, will host the third edition of the annual content bazaar which is expected to see more than 100 participants from across international markets seeking fresh content.

Shriram Iyengar

With more than 100 buyers already registered, the Global Content Bazaar India 2020 seems to be set for a big day. Ramesh Meer, managing director of Saicom Trade Fairs and Exhibitions Pvt Ltd, believes the third edition of the annual gathering will see growing international interest in content from India.

Speaking to, Meer said, "We started it because I observed that India hardly hosts any content shows. We usually have film bazaars and market films there. They hardly have art stands and are mainly for technical people. There are often more sellers than buyers at these events." 

The third edition of the Global Content Bazaar India 2020 will take place on 7 and 8 February at the World Trade Centre, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai.

Speaking on what to expect, Meer said, "This time we have more than 100 buyers registered when usually we see around 40. There are at least 50 international buyers and 60 from India. There are some from China, for instance, who will not be able to attend for understandable reasons [the outbreak of the corona virus epidemic]. But for a small show like ours, to have more than 70 buyers is quite a lot."

The event will also see major content producers like Zee Television, Shemaroo Entertainment Limited, and UltraIndia join distributors and syndicators. 

"Some like Zee TV, Shemaroo, Ultra and Greengold Animation, who also produce content, will be part of it. There are some from America and Korea as well as from Japan who are expected. They are mainly distributors," Meer said.

With mobiles in every hand and the viewing of cinematic content rising every year, Meer believes there is a need to build better synergies between content creators, buyers, distributors and syndicators. "Content remains content," he remarked. "The techniques may change. Our cameras change from Mitchell to Arri and digital. Today, people are shooting films on mobile phones. Capturing methodology can change, but the factor of entertainment does not. Whichever content is more entertaining will sell. People across the world are in need of new content. Especially since there are mobile phones in everybody's hands."

The Global Content Bazaar India 2020 begins on Friday.

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