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Rajinikanth slams Centre for Delhi riots; shabash, says Kamal Haasan

The Southern superstar, who had earlier spoken in favour of the Citizenship Amendment Act, says violence is result of intelligence failure in the home ministry.

Our Correspondent

Actor Rajinikanth has lashed out at the central government for its inaction during the recent Delhi riots, where at least 30 people have been killed and over 200 injured.

While speaking to a group of reporters in Chennai, the actor said, “All protests that are happening in Delhi are because of intelligence failure. I condemn it. When a leader like [US president Donald] Trump is in the country, the intelligence should have been more vigilant. They didn’t do their job properly. At least now I expect them to be vigilant and the violence should be dealt with an iron fist.”

He also blamed the home ministry led by Amit Shah, saying, “If it is intelligence failure, then it is also the home ministry’s failure. I strongly condemn the people and the political parties that use religion for electoral gains.”

Soon after, Rajinikanth received applause from his long-time film industry colleague and rival Kamal Haasan, who tweeted in Tamil, “Shabash [well done] my friend Rajinikanth. Now you are telling them the right thing. This is the right option. It’s not a separate path but [it’s] for all of us together.”

Rajinikanth’s statement was a litle surprising, because only earlier this month, he had supported the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) passed by Parliament and lashed out at its detractors.

“They [the government] have clearly explained that because of the CAA there won’t be any problems for Indian citizens or their citizenship," the superstar had told the media. "The question is whether to grant citizenship to people coming into India from neighbouring countries. People are stoking fear that it is threatening Muslims. How is it a threat to Muslims? Do you know how much rights Muslims have here?”

Rajinikanth had also promised to protest against the CAA if it did become a threat to Muslims. “The Muslims who stayed back [in 1947] did so with the thought that this is my country, birthplace and soil, if I die, I will die here. How will they send these Muslims outside? If anything like that happens, I, Rajinikanth, will speak out for those Muslims,” he had said.

Rajinikanth had announced his decision to join politics on 31 December 2017 and said that his party would contest the 2021 Tamil Nadu assembly polls. However, he is yet to formally launch his party more than two years on.