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Is Ritika Shrotri playing the lead in Darling?

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This is director Sameer Asha Patil's fourth film after Chaurya (2016), Yuntum (2018) and Wagherya (2018).

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Ajay Thakur, one of the producers of last year’s successful film Takatak (2019), has now teamed up with Amit Dhupe, V J Shakala and Nikhil Khajindar to form 7 Horse Entertainment. The company will produce the upcoming feature film Darling along with co-producers V Patke Films and Kathakar Motion Pictures.

Although the cast and crew of the film has currently been kept under wraps, the makers have revealed that the film will be directed by Sameer Asha Patil. This is his fourth film after Chaurya (2016), Yuntum (2018) and Wagherya (2018). He is also one of the producers for this project. 

The film's title as well as its title teaser makes it evident that the film will revolve around the theme of love and will be aimed at today’s youth. 

Patil shared a picture of the film’s leading actress on Facebook. But the face of the actress is mostly hidden by the clapboard. Patil has asked people to guess who she is. From what little one can see, it seems that the lady in question is Ritika Shrotri. Most of the people in the comments section also seemed to endorse this view.  

More importantly, Shrotri herself shared the title teaser of the film recently. She had also played one of the leads in Takatak. 

Darling will be released on 12 June 2020.