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99 Songs has 14 original compositions, says AR Rahman

The film marks AR Rahman's debut as story writer and producer with his own banner, YM Movies.

Shriram Iyengar

Of all the voices to speak about music, AR Rahman's is always among those heard most keenly. At the music launch of his debut production 99 Songs, Rahman spoke about the importance of music and how it fuels his first foray into writing and production. 

Featuring Ehan Bhat, Edilsy Vargas and Tenzin Dalha, 99 Songs revolves around the nature of the creative process and the struggles involved in it.

Speaking on the subject, Rahman revealed, "We often have the hero killing the villain or destroying something to get to the end, or climb this mountain. So, why not song?

"As a composer, I feel like sometimes you get a song that comes easily, and sometimes you can't even get an idea," he continued. "It is torturous. Every creative person goes through it. The biggest and the smallest. The work needed is not just physical. It is spiritual, mental, psychological. I wanted that pain to be understood by everyone."

The composer said one of the film's USPs is its original songs. "I think this film has come at the right time," he remarked. "I hear people complaining 'why are there so many remixes? Why is so much of rap happening?' All of these [genres] are good, but when it crosses the limit, it becomes an irritation."

However, the composer added that music and musicians depend on the support they receive from the audience. "I see people say there are not many original songs. This film has 14 original compositions. Let's see how well they are received. That encouragement will force us to make even more beautiful music and movies," he said.

99 Songs also features Manisha Koirala and Lisa Ray, and musicians like Ranjit Barot and Rahul Ram.