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Din Ratrir Golpo trailer has amateur graphics with elements of mystery and horror

Prosenjit Choudhury’s second film has an intriguing mystery about a space mission.

Roushni Sarkar

The trailer of Prosenjit Choudhury’s second film Din Ratrir Golpo (2020) offers glimpses of two stories, comprising the narrative of the film. Featuring Supriti Choudhury, also the producer of the film, Rayati Bhattacheryee, Rajatava Dutta, Debesh Roy Chowdhury, Pradip Mukherjee and Sourav Chakraborty, Din Ratrir Golpo attempts to tell a story a nun who reminisces two incidents from her life.

Though the trailer promises to give an experience of space fiction through the film, it only contains a visual of Bhattacheryee floating inside a spacecraft, which has been evidently composed with amateur graphics.

One of the two stories involves Bhattacharya, who is apparently on a mission to Mars, as stated by representatives from NASA to her parents. The parents are cynical as there has been no such major announcement of the big initiative and at the same time, they are intimidated, anticipating the fate of their daughter.

The other story is based on the theme of death, in which Dutta plays a crucial role. The narrative celebrates death as a new juncture of life, though the trailer suggests of moments of horror in it.

Supriti, who plays nun Suzane in the film, confesses the two incidents, narrated in the film. While in the first narrative Suzane seems to be the one who intimidates the innocent parents of the astronaut, in the second narrative, she turns into the victim when she chooses to satiate her curiosity regarding a hidden room, despite given warnings by Dutta.

If raat (night) signifies death in the film, it is not clear what din (day) implies. Comparing the visuals from the two narratives, the second seems to appear more convincing for its content. At the same time, the mystery and politics behind the space mission seems intriguing too.

Din Ratrir Golpo is slated for release on 28 February. Watch the trailer below and let us know if you are keen to watch the film.

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