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Rinzing Denzongpa's introduction in Squad will be explosive, promises director Nilesh Sahay

The action film to have some of the biggest explosions seen on Indian screen so far.

Our Correspondent

Look out Tiger Shroff, you're about to get some competition. Shroff's good friend, Rinzing Denzongpa is making his screen debut with Nilesh Sahay's Squad.

The action film, starring newcomer Malvika Raaj, already features a one-of-a-kind helicopter chase. Now Sahay promises that the lead actor's introduction will be explosive. He said that the action film will have some of the biggest explosions seen on screen so far.

Sahay shared, "Rinzing's introduction has 60 explosions with a 150-foot trajectory going off in a one-km radius. It will have 100 stuntmen running through explosions, with Rinzing walking through it."

Since there was no room for error in the complex sequence, the team prepped for it for a week. The director added he was more worried than Denzongpa. "I was nervous. Rinzing’s a stud, he’s made for action. He didn't even flinch," he said.

The young star, who performed his stunts himself, said, "It was an epic moment. We had eight cameras rolling and [I walked] through the explosion, which went off non-stop for about three minutes."

Sahay's favourite scene is, what he refers to as 'the mother of all bombs,' where 800 liters of petrol and three different high explosives were used.