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Kesari song 'Tu Chal Ra Mana': Now a training anthem in Marathi

The song accompanies a training montage of Virat Madake, whose character aspires to win the Maharashtra Kesari title. The song is composed by AV Prafullachandra and sung by Mohan Kannan.

Suyog Zore

It is an unwritten rule in Indian cinema, that no sports film can be deemed complete without at least one special training-montage song. One needs to just look at recent sports-based films like, Mary Kom (2014), Brothers (2015), Sultan (2016) and Dangal (2016), for instance, each of which had one such song. Following this trend, the makers of the Marathi film Kesari (2020), have just released a training-montage song, ‘Tu Chal Ra Mana'.

The song shows Virat Madake's character training rigorously for the Maharashtra Kesari wrestling competition. He is shown running barefoot on roads, and climbing rocks in the Western Ghats. His grandfather, played by Vikram Gokhale, helps and supports him.

Instead of going for a high-energy vibe like other typical training-montage songs, music composer AV Prafullachandra has chosen a more sombre approach for 'Tu Chal Ra Mana'. That’s why the song doesn’t pump you up instantly, but if you listen to it on loop, it will make you feel more energetic and positive.

Mohan Kannan does a good job of keeping the viewer hooked with his soulful voice. He perfectly captures the song's energy without compromising on its emotional quotient. Lyricist Vaibhav Joshi’s words are meaningful and talk about working hard, overcoming obstacles, and never giving up.

Kesari is directed by Sujay S Dahake and will be released on 28 February. Watch the 'Tu Chal Ra Mana' song below and let us know if you are eager to watch the film.

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